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Geoblox Workshops and Inservices

I give workshops in which participants learn how to get the most out of their Geoblox models. This picture shows some of the teachers at a CAST workshop in Texas. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun!

Here, teachers are making the Meander Scars model from theTopographic Landform Model book. I had given them two copies of the model. They could build one during the workshop and still have a clean copy to run off for their classes.

At CAST I also offer a workshop on teaching about cosmology and evolution. Too often these crucial topics are ignored because teachers are unsure how to present them. Teaching about evolution is a lot of fun. It really can be done, and done without being watered down.

If you are interested in having a Geoblox workshop at your school, or if you would like to receive a brochure, please contact me at:



12407 North Mopac #250

Austin, TX 78758-2475

Or by e-mail: koonz@geoblox.com

Sample Workshop Topics

Warship - Conquest of the Mediterranean  Game (2hrs)

  • Learn how to play this game with your entire class.
  • Reenact an ancient naval battle with 1:250 scale ships you build yourself.
  • Learn how to use this game to teach important decision making and critical thinking skills.

Ordering Geologic Events (2hrs)

  • Learn about rock types and their symbols.
  • Apply the Law of Superposition.
  • Figure out the order in which a series of faults, folds, unconformities, and intrusions occured.
  • Build a 3 dimensional ordering event model.

Topographic Landform Models (1hr)

  • Learn about the types of contour lines.
  • Build a landform model.
  • Make predictions about what maps show.
  • Your students will understand contours after making this model.

The Petroleum Game (2hrs)

  • Can your students apply geologic and economic  principles to real world problems?
  • Learn the basics of structural and petroleum geology.
  • Play and discuss the petroleum game.

Teaching Cosmology and Evolution (2hrs)

  • Learn some strategies for success!
  • Correct common misconceptions students have about this subject..
  • Try out some helpful activities.

In a 6 hour workshop, you will receive:

  • Materials and supplies for making the models.
  • Clean copies of all activities used.
  • Correlations to Texas science standards.


My consulting fee for a 6 hour workshop is $400. If your district is outside Central Texas, I will also need reimbursement for travel expenses. This workshop can accommodate up to 30 teachers. The cost of materials is $15 per participant. This will give participants the right to copy the materials for their own classroom use.

If you are interested, please see my contract.