Social Studies Models

Jamestown ~ 1610 Architectural Model

The Jamestown model in this book represents the fort built by English settlers as it might have looked in 1610.     The information used to design this model was based on several sources including the first hand account of William Strachey as well as the recent archaeological findings of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities. 

Unlike most models that make no distinction between what is actually known from what is hypothesized, this model has been designed to give students a clear image of the extent of our knowledge of this important site.  Those parts of the fort which have actually been discovered are designed to be colored in on the model. The buildings which are thought to have existed, based on written accounts, but have not yet been discovered by archaeologists, are designed to be constructed out of plain white cardstock.

This Jamestown model has been drawn at N scale (1:160) where 1” = 13’.  This is a popular model railroading scale, and N scale figures of people and trees can be found at many hobby stores. 

Comb bound

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Castles of the British Isles 1066-1300 Architectural Models

The three castles in this book were chosen because they demonstrate how castle architecture evolved between the time of the Norman invasion of 1066 and the end of the Middle Ages. Usually thought of for their military uses, castles mainly served as the seat of a local government that ruled by the authority of the king. By the end of the 14th century, a stronger more centralized national government had been established that rendered castles obsolete.

At to: Motte and Bailey

Below: Restormel Shell Keep

Two of the three castle models in this book have been drawn to 1:325 scale (1” = 27’). Students can built these models and make direct comparisons based on their relative sizes and shapes. The final castle in the book is a 1:650 scale model of Harlech. This scale allows for the construction of topographic map base that shows the advantages of the location of this particular castle.

At left: Castle Harlech

Comb bound

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Warship-Conquest of the Mediterranean

Warship-Conquest of the Mediterranean allows students to experiment with making choices after evaluating a number of often conflicting variables. Democracy, after all, depends upon citizens being able to make choices about complex issues. 76 comb bound pages.

At left: A   Roman "ten" cruises into battle.

Warship-Conquest of the Mediterranean is a stimulating game in which students learn something about ancient history and then re-enact battles between fleets of ancient galleys.

At right: ARoman Quinquereme prepares to drop a corvus onto an enemy ship.

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Port RicheyBeaver Dam
Point Reyes StationFalling Waters

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Warship-Conquest of the Mediterranean can be played at many levels. At its simplest it can be used to stage a small skirmish between two identical fleets of ships. When used to it’s maximum potential, it is played as a set of nine games. Each game scenario is set at a critical point in the history of the Mediterranean area. Playing all of the game scenarios allows students to understand that technological innovations play a part in decision-making.

At left: A Greek catamaran carries a siege tower to theBattle of Rhodes.

Warship-Conquest of the Mediterranean  includes:

  • A brief history of naval warfare between 431 BCE and 31 BCE.
  • A complete set of rules for playing the scenarios.
  • Patterns for building 14 different ships ranging  from Greek triremes to the enormous "Forty" built by Ptolemy IV.  All of the ships are set to 1:250 scale.


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Click here for a free (pdf) sample of a 1:250 scale Dapoxetine uk buy Free Tretinoin .1 cream buy  required.

The Alamo

Tired of seeing your students build inaccurate models out of sugar cubes or paper mache?  Now your students can quickly and easily build this scale model in about two class periods.

Included are all of the patterns needed to make a 1/177 scale model of The Alamo

Give your students a copy of the patterns and let them make their own models. Comb bound.



Close up view.

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Cost $21.50 plus shipping